How is the result calculated?

For each question you answer, we compare your position with the answers of the parties. If there is a match, we give a point. If you weight a thesis twice, there are two points. In the evaluation, the percentage indicates how much you agree with the answers of the parties.

Who developed the app?

We are a team of journalists, political students, app developers, graphic artists, volunteers and video producers who worked together on the project in their spare time. We develop the content together with independent partners, such as universities.

Why are some parties missing?

Basically, we ask all eligible parties if they want to be a part of VoteSwiper. They get a questionaire from us that should be answered within a time frame. Of course the participation is voluntary, but the VoteSwiper is so well-known that most of the parties want to join us. If a party is missing, it either failed to answer the questions on time or does not want to participate.

Why can I choose more parties here than are written on my ballot paper?

We have approached all the parties who will be running for election in the respective election. Not all parties are available in all regions. Therefore, it is possible that you will be shown a party that you cannot vote for at all.